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Northern Chautauqua Catholic School

336 Washington Avenue, Dunkirk, New York 14048

(716) 366-0630 – (716) 366-5101 (Fax)

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Deacon Michael Lemieux, Canonical Administrator

Mrs. Mary Beth Dolce, Interim Principal Mr. John Galley, CFO/Business Manager


2017 – 2018 Tuition Policy


  1. By registering a student, the Parent(s)/ Guardians are agreeing to pay tuition for a full academic year. Tuition may be prorated for mid-year transfers into NCCS . Withdrawal before the beginning or during the academic year will still require the full tuition payment . Therefore, no credit will be given for circumstances beyond the control of the course of an academic year, except for circumstances such as death of a student and/or parent, unanticipated disability of the student and/or parent, a non-voluntary move of more than 25 miles from the original residence or 25 miles from Northern Chautauqua Catholic School, whichever is more. In all cases, the Finance Committee shall determine if any tuition adjustment is necessary and appropriate.


  1. All Parents/Guardians paying monthly are highly encouraged to enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management System and take advantage of the lower tuition rate. FACTS allows you to select your payment date, track your payments, see the schedule of your payments to the school and produce a report for tax or reimbursement purposes. Payment dates are the 5th, 10th, 15th, or 20th of the month. All payments are due by the 20th of the month beginning in August and will be spread equally over 10 months. A late fee of $25 will be added to your account on the 1st of the following month for any account which is not current.


  1. All Parents/Guardians paying annually are required to make the payment by August 20th . Timely payments will receive a 2% discount. Payments made after the 20th are not subject to the discount. You may enroll in the FACTS Tuition Management System to make this payment and avail yourself of the features highlighted in (B).


  1. The objective of NCCS is to provide a high quality Christian centered educational experience to our students and families. Meeting this objective requires all tuition payments to be collected in a timely fashion. Any account which is past due negatively affects this objective and will result in the following consequences:

    1. Student(s) will be barred from participating in any after school activities including but not limited to after school care, sports, clubs, social activities, class competitions.

    2. When accounts become past due after three months, all legal collection options will be pursued including but not limited to collection agencies, credit reporting, wage garnishments, and other legal options deemed necessary by the finance committee.

    3. Students who are past due will not be allowed to enroll for the next academic year.

    4. Collection policies are in accordance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and are applicable to New York State law.


  1. By signing this agreement, you are authorizing NCCS to contact you by cell phone.


  1. NCCS promotes all resources available to assist in the reduction of the burden of tuition. The primary source of tuition reduction is the BISON Fund. This fund supersedes any other tuition assistance. Any family who qualifies for assistance must apply for a BISON Fund scholarship first. A tuition assistance form is available in the main office and must be completed for any additional assistance requested. NCCS offers scholarships and specific tuition reduction programs which may vary for each academic year. Please contact the main office for any information concerning available scholarships.


  1. Enrollment age for Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade is based on the child’s age on or before December 1st of the academic year. Pre-Kindergarten 3 must be 3 by December 1st and Pre-kindergarten 4 must be 4 by December 1st.


The cost of educating one student is approximately $7000.

**Please complete this form and return to the office by April 1, 2017**


2017 – 2018 Tuition Rates

Ten (10) monthly payments (Aug. – May) A Single

Utilizing FACTS Not utilizing FACTS Annual Payment


____Pre-Kindergarten 3 (5 days AM) $175.00/ month $185.00/ month $1,750.00

____Pre-Kindergarten 4 (5 Days) $350.00/ month $360.00/ month $3,500.00

____Kindergarten – 8th Grade

1 student $300.00/month $310.00/month $3,000.00

2 students $460.00/month $470.00/month $4,600.00

3 students $615.00/month $625.00/month $6,150.00

4 students $770.00/month $780.00/month $7,700.00


____ I can afford to help other students with tuition through a tax deductible donation of _______________.

(Please attach check to this form.)


Tuition Payment Preference

2017 – 2018


This form must be completed and returned by all parents with students attending Northern Chautauqua Catholic School for the 2017 – 2018 academic year before enrollment can be completed. All information must be typed or printed.


School: Northern Chautauqua Catholic School


Parent/Guardian Name(s):__________________________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________


City: ________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip: _____________________


Parent/Guardian Email:_________________________ Parent/Guardian Email:____________________________


Name of Student:____________________________ Entering Grade ____________________________


Name of Student:____________________________ Entering Grade ____________________________


Name of Student:____________________________ Entering Grade ____________________________


Tuition for the 2017 – 2018 academic year will be paid by: (choose only one)


______ Option 1: Payment in Full by August 20th (check here ___ if utilizing FACTS).

______ Option 2: 10 monthly payments through FACTS Tuition Management – Automatic bank payments (ACH) through your checking, savings, or credit card account may be made on either the 5th , 10th, 15th, or 20th of each month. The annual FACTS enrollment fee is paid by NCCS. FACTS can deduct from any financial institution. Key Bank of Dunkirk has made available free checking accounts that can be used for tuition payment.

______ Option 3: 10 monthly payments not using FACTS – Payments in the form of cash or check must be received in the office by the 20th of each month.


I agree to make tuition payments for the 2017 – 2018 academic year according to the option indicated above. I have read the policy about tuition and agree to abide by this policy.


_________________________________________ ___________________ _______________________

Signature of Responsible Party Date Relationship


_________________________________________ ___________________ ______________________

Signature of Responsible Party Date Relationship


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