Faculty and Staff

To speak to a member of the faculty please call 716.366.0630. Faculty may be contacted via phone after 2:30 pm. You can also contact members of the faculty at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School via e-mail! Please find a listing of our staff and faculty e-mail addresses..

Acting Principal - Mrs. Dolce


Mrs. Barbara Crossan (PreSchool/AIS)      bcrossan@nccschool.us

Mrs. Dolce(Prek4)                                    mbdolce@nccschool.us

Mrs. E. Privitera eprivitera@nccschool.us

Miss Rebecca Mahoney (1st grade)            rmahoney@nccschool.us

Ms. Stephanie Kraengel (2nd grade)          skraengel@nccschool.us

Mrs. Ann Marie Hamlet                                 amhamlet@nccschool.us

Mrs. Dawn Campbell (4th grade)        dcampbell@nccschool.us

Ms. Deborah Mourer (5th grade)         dmourer@nccschool.us

Mr. Jeff Tabasco (6th grade)         jtabasco@nccschool.us

Mrs. Danielle Long (7th grade)        dlong12@nccschool.us

Ms. Sarah Davis (8th grade)         sdavis1@nccschool.us

Mrs. Cooper(Art)          tcooper@nccschool.us

Miss Rebecca Cicelske (Music)                rcicelske@nccschool.us

Miss Emily Naetzker (Spanish)                 enaetzker@nccschool.us

Mr. Andrew Hamilton                                  ahamilton@nccschool.us

Mr. John LaMattina (Computer Ed.)         jmlamattina@nccschool.us


Ms. Starks (Office)    ncc_office@nccschool.us

Mr. John Galley (Finance Office)    ncc_finance@yahoo.com